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A coffee morning to raise funds for Shamrock will be held at the Coronation Hall, Ulverston on Thursday 11 May 2017, from 10 am to 12 noon. Please come and support our unique boat!

If you would like to assist in running the Coffee Morning or contribute sale goods or raffle prizes, please get in touch through the Contact Us page on this web site.

14 February 2017

Over the next few months Shamrock is going to have a major overhaul. Her boiler is going to be removed and undergo a full 10 year boiler inspection. While the boiler is out Shamrock is to be slipped and a full structural survey undertaken. Any identified structural work will be done along with any caulking needed. The underwater area will be painted and the whole of the rest of the boat varnished. The prop will also be removed and balanced. The work is expected to take two to three months to complete during which Shamrock will be out of commission.

13 February 2017

On 20 December 2016, Shamrock was moved to a boathouse at the Ferry Nab. This was a precaution against floods (not that any are forecast in the near future) - it has rather more headroom than the Wray boathouse. She will be moved back later in the Spring.

Shamrock's repairs are proceeding well. The clerestory roof is now rebuilt and is being fitted. The cracked window pane has been replaced. The next job will be to repair the main cabin roof.

Then there will be a lot of varnishing to be done!

   Photo: Kevin Slater


The Clerestory Roof removed
(photo Kevin Halcrow)
We have now received the go-ahead from the insurance company, and the boatbuilder has started removing the damaged woodwork.

Roger Calvert, 29 January 2016

On Saturday 5 December 2015, the level of Windermere rose to 2.8m above datum, a level not seen since 2009. Unfortunately, this led to Shamrock being crushed against the steel beam in the boathouse, with extensive damage to the clerestory roof and also damage to other parts of the cabin.

Shamrock forced against the boathouse roof, December 2015 (photo Akram Busaidy)

The Trust is now pursuing an insurance claim, and is also considering what action to take if, as appears, these once exceptional lake levels become more common.


The last event for Shamrock this year was the Steamboat Association Lay-up Supper which was based at the Royal Windermere Yacht Club. This year it was the second weekend in October and for once the weather was marvellous. Shamrock took part on both days and on the Saturday there was nearly full house on board and a good day was had by all.


Heritage Open Days this year were held in Wray Castle Dock, supporting The National Trust at Wray Castle on the Saturday 12th and on our own on Sunday 13th. The event took much the same format as in previous years with Shamrock being made to gleam and then being on display in steam in the dock and taking guests on board for a short trip round the north part of the Lake.

The Saturday morning being uncooperative with the weather time was spent cleaning both boat and doing some tidying in the boathouse but by lunchtime the weather had cleared and it was possible to get her out and in to steam but unfortunately it was too windy to put up a full display. She was also in steam for most of the Sunday and during the weekend Shamrock made about 6 trips taking a variety of interested people for a steam allowing them to experience what it was like to enjoy a peaceful trip on the Lake.

The Anniversary Flight of Historic Hydro Aeroplane Waterbird
which was scheduled for September the 17th and in the celebrations of which Shamrock was to have taken part did not take place due to them being unable to obtain the required CAA Certificate in time. Hopefully this will be rescheduled next year.


After a quiet July Shamrock was quite busy in August. First was the Windermere Boat Parade organised by the Lake District Boat Club.
As always preparing Shamrock for a steam is a labour of love and a lot of hard work but the efforts are always well worth it and Shamrock was ready to go looking spick and span with flags a flying.
Unfortunately the weather or rather the wind had other ideas about the flags and after twice having to retrieve them we arrived at Bowness Bay and took our place in the parade among the other boats some of which were exceptionally well decorated.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do to Shamrock in the way of decoration but she did win the prize for the most traditional boat, a bottle of champagne which was kindly donated by the Ship Inn. Also many thanks to the Lake District Boat Club for the above pictures.

The Boat Parade was followed by the Steamboat Association of great Britain’s Windermere Steamboat Rally or Windemere Week as it is generally known. Unfortunately as yet I do not have many pictures for this. Just the one of her at the Royal Windermere Yacht Club with one of the visiting Swiss Steamboaters on the Tuesday and the one of two passengers enjoying a trip on Shamrock.


June this year has proved to be a very active time for Shamrock starting off with a Coffee Morning being held in the Coronation Hall, Ulverston at which we raised over £150 for the Trust. Not as much as we had hoped but Ok for a first attempt and was fun to do.
This was followed by Roger’s Rally. The Monday and Tuesday proved unfit for steaming but Tuesday was put to good use tidying up the boathouse and providing coal storage space. Tiring work.
On the Monday night the Shamrock Trust’s AGM was held which was attended by the Trustees and a number of The Friends of Shamrock all of whom are invited.
Wednesday saw a break in the weather and the boats steamed to Fell Foot for lunch followed by a tea stop in Cunsey Bay. Thursday showed a deviation to the normal pattern with Shamrock in conjunction with the Windermere jetty (Steamboat Museum) providing visiting schoolchildren with the experience of steaming on the Lake.
This was followed in the evening by the traditional Gilbert and Sullivan recital behind Belle Isle
Which went on well in to the night and was appreciated by the locals.
Friday saw the tradition lunch at the Langdale Chase followed by the again traditional visit to Belle Isle and was of course attended by Queen Victoria
and involved as always afternoon tea.
The whole week was finished off by Shamrock’s 109th birthday steam on the 7th June.

At which she attracted her normal attention and it was good to see Roger Mallinson at the helm again.

One other thing that has happened earlier this year was that the inside if the cabin has been varnished again but come autumn it still needs a final sand down and a couple of more coats of varnish. Unfortunately the midges beat us to it.

Sanded Down:

The finished product:


On the evening of 4 June 2015, Shamrock cruised from Waterhead to Belle Isle and back with live music provided by the Barrow Savoyards. It was a beautiful warm calm evening for the voices to float across the water.


At the Steam Boat Association Annual General Meeting on 21 March 2015, Shamrock Trust trustee Ian Cross was awarded a prize for a photograph of Shamrock at the Lay-up Rally in October 2014.

Shamrock at the 2014 SBA Lay-Up Rally. Photo Ian Cross.  

Ian Cross's prizewinning
photograph of Shamrock
at the SBA Lay-Up
Rally, 2014

Here is another
picture he took on the
same occasion

    Shamrock at Fellfoot

Shamrock took part in the Windermere Lay-Up Supper as organised by the SBA.

Read more Here

Shamrock will be on display and, weather permitting, in steam outside Wray Castle Boathouse opposite the ferry pier on 13th September 2014 in support of Wray Castle who are holding their Heritage Open Day on that Saturday.

We have a new teapot on board.

Many thanks to Mick who had the new one made especially for us after the previous large brown one was broken during the June rally.

The Shamrock trust held its 4th AGM. The meeting was attended by 7 Trustees and 4 Friends. The success of the previous year’s events were reported on and it was noted that the Friends of Shamrock are steadily increasing in number with people who have originally not been involved with steam now becoming involved.

Besides general administration the main topic that was addressed was the National Historic Ships are considering re-addressing the criteria for their National Historic Fleet and have produced a consultation document. This is being addressed by three of the Trustees and one Friend.

It was also decided that in order to address one of our Charitable Objectives a small portable display partly about the Trust but mainly about Shamrock and steam boats would be developed and it was proposed that an application for a grant to the small claims section of the National Heritage Lottery Fund would be made to cover the coat. This will be looked into over winter.

On Wednesday 21st May Shamrock had her annual boiler inspection which of course she passed with flying colours.

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Shamrocks most loyal supporter, Whappet.

Shamrock was a key attraction at the Steamboat Museum's Heritage Weekend held at and around the Museum. Read more and see pictures here.

There has been no heavy maintenance work re the structure of the boat, the boiler and the engine this last year but work has been done on the fixtures and fittings.

Washbasin - As you can see from the picture the old, but not original, washbasin was in very poor condition and although it had been resealed last year broke completely once it was removed as the crack was all the way through.

The new basin was slightly larger than the other so it required Roger to do some modification to the unit, no mean task considering the enclosed space in which he had to work! But we must all agree that the final result was well worth the effort.

Navigation Lights Boxes - These are something that Roger has wanted to do since he completed the repairs to the cabin roof in 2010 and finally has had time to do.

The boxes have been made from pieces of the old damaged roof and are designed to sit on the side if the cabin roof without slipping and fold away flat when not in use. As you can see from the pictures Roger as always has done an excellent job.

Cushions and Curtains – The seating area in the saloon cabin has had a revamp. The seats which are original to the boat have been rewebbed and re-upholstered but unfortunately the seat backs contained signs of woodworm so these had to be completely remade. The work was done free of charge for us by Alan Eccleston who is pictured with Roger when the new seats were fitted and the Trust is very grateful to him. New curtains have also been made and the whole inside of the cabin is now looking very smart.

See the full gallery here.

On the 16/17/18th of August Wray Castle again held their Victorian Weekend, with people enjoying trips out on Shamrock. Read more and see pictures here.

The Windermere Steamboat Museum Project has been awarded a confirmed grant of £9.4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The Lakeland Arts Trust has raised over £3 million match funding for the project and needs to raise a further £300,000 to meet the total project costs of £13.4 million.

On 17th July 2013 Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visited the Lake District. Read more and see pictures here.

This year Shamrock attended The Windermere Model Boat Club’s Annual Regatta on Saturday the 6th of July. Read about the Event here.

Our own Roger Mallinson received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Transport Trust for his services to the restoration of steamboats. The award was presented to him by Prince Michael of Kent at a ceremony the Brooklyn Race track. The pictures show Roger with his award and Prince Michael ‘chatting’ to Whappet, Roger’s German Shepherd.

Pupils from Victoria Primary School, Barrow, enjoyed going for a steam on Shamrock while on a visit to the Windermere Steamboat Museum.

Pictures can be seen here

Visitors to the Steamboat Museum view Shamrock in steam on a wet and miserable day.

The afternoon did manage to clear and some of the Museum staff then enjoyed an informal trip on Shamrock.

The Shamrock Trust has been able to reclaim £632.56 back from Gift Aid between the period of when the Trust was formed in 2010 to April 2012. This money will help the Trust to run and maintain Shamrock.

Shamrock's boiler was inspected by the SBA Services and has passed with flying colours. All fittings and fixtures were found to be in good condition, and a steam test proved the safety valves were in good working order.

Shamrock will only be steaming on the 30th September this year from the North end of the lake down to Fell Foot.

On the 7th Sept 2012 Shamrock will be steaming down to the Steamboat Museum as part of the Museum's Heritage Open Day.

Shamrock will be on display and in steam (weather permitting) at Wray Castle from the 3rd to 5th August 2012 as part of the Castle's planned Victorian weekend.

She will also be steaming (again weather permitting) at the Steam Boat Association Rally, August 13th to 17th 2012 and at the Lay-up Supper, 28th to 30th September 2012.

On a very wet, dull and cold evening in June Shamrock was part of the flotilla that escorted Tern from Watersedge to Bowness as she carried the Olympic Torch down Windermere.

I have been sent some more picture of Shamrock on the unofficial Windermere rally and of the Boiler after its inspection. See the Gallery for more

After a dry docking and complete hull repainting, the Boiler has been re fitted into Shamrock after a close up inspection and overhaul. A lake cruise has proved all systems to be in good order ready for the new season. You can see pictures of Shamrock's boiler in pieces by visiting the Boiler Gallery

You can now see pictures of Shamrock's boiler in pieces by visiting the Galley:

Pictures of the Boiler can be found here.

A Video of the boiler being removed can be found here:


While the boiler was out of Shamrock, the boat was winched out of the water and the hull was given a good going-over. Roger Mallinson is seen below inspecting the prop shaft, propeller and rudder.

Shamrock now has a Youtube channel. To see the latest Youtube video's of Shamrock, simply click on the Channel Link.

Shamrock's boiler has been removed for a 10 year full inspection. This will include using an endoscope to check inside the boiler and an ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the metal as well as detailed inspections of all the fittings and fixtures. A video of the removal can be seen on Youtube:

Shamrock, crew and guests saw out the old year of 2010 with a cruise down the lake. Despite the lake being frozen over beyond Belle Isle, the north side was largely ice berg free.

Shamrock's boiler has been given a clean bill of health by the SBAS (Steam Boat Association Services) local boiler inspector. This inspection is part of an annual inspection of the pressure vessel, boiler structure and associated pipe work and fittings in order to satisfy the insurance scheme.

On 9th April 2009 Shamrock was identified as meriting inclusion in The National Register of Historic Vessels of the United Kingdom and was issued with certificate number 65.

The issuing of this certificate makes her part of The National Historic Fleet and on the 13th October 2010 the warrant enabling her to wear the Defaced Ensign of the National Historic Fleet was issued.

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The Shamrock Trust Trustees met at Troutbeck Bridge on Sunday 8th August to chew their way through a long Agenda.

They looked at the financial situation and found it to be in good shape.  Roger Mallinson reported on Shamrock and said that the repairs are now fully completed.  The vessel has also been surveyed professionally and was found to be in excellent condition.

Dot Bullough, who has been working hard on the Friends of Shamrock group, provided copies of the publicity leaflet to the assembled members for distribution.  There was discussion of the format of the Friends Section of the Shamrock website.  There was also discussion of the ‘other activities’ that could be organised by and for the Friends.  These suggestions included trips to Bolton Transport Museum, the East Lancashire Railway, the Fred Dibnah house and so on.  There was a suggestion that these proposals were rather ‘Northern Centred’, but it was pointed out that Friends can get together wherever they live.

Dot also pushed the idea of merchandising as a useful additional revenue stream.  So, look nowhere else for your Christmas presents!  You can expect to find Shamrock Tea towels, Shamrock Calendars, pencils, key fobs, bookmarks and so on.

Membership of friends was discussed and it was generally agreed that there would be three classes of members, but people could be members of more than one class.  The classes were seen as Hands on Volunteers, Annual Members and Monthly Subscribers.  Hands on members would donate time and expertise to run and maintain Shamrock and the Friends Group.  Annual Members would pay the £12 per year membership fee, while Monthly Subscribers would donate £3 per or more every month.

Running ‘trips’ in Shamrock and the training of drivers and support crew was discussed but it was agreed that this is something that needs further discussion later in the year.

Finally, after chewing their way through the Agenda, the Trustees were allowed to start on the sandwiches.  That rather killed the discussion. Pete C

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The Shamrock Trust and other interested parties have been informed by United Utilities that it is withdrawing its request to extract water from Windermere. 

Apparently the period January to June 2010 was the driest first half year for 74 years.  The winter, though cold and often snowy, did not yield the level of precipitation needed to keep the reservoirs full.  Fortunately for water supplies, the rain of July is beginning to make up some of the deficit, but United Utilities plans to retain the hose-pipe ban until the state of the reservoirs improves further.  However, the company does not now feel the need to pump water from Windermere.

As a result of the crisis, the Company has pledged to improve transparency and network more closely with interested parties, including the Shamrock Trust.  Whether that will result in them offering to support the proposed safety sling for Shamrock remains to be seen, but it is a positive move. For those who have not been to the Lakes recently, Coniston has now refilled completely and some of the jetties have been under water.  Apparently the Gondola Launch service had to be suspended at one point until the lake level subsided.

The Trust has recently been made aware of the plans by the Environment Agency to seek an emergency drought order to allow United Utilities to extract of water from Windermere.  If implemented, this could lower the level of the lake by up to five feet.  The context of this plan is the current drought in north-west England which has followed one of the driest winters for many years.  Reservoir levels are much lower than would normally be expected at this time of year.

The impact on Shamrock could be serious, dropping her onto the boat house floor.  As might be expected, the Trust has lodged a letter of objection.  However, the objection included a suggestion for mitigating the problem with Shamrock whilst acknowledging the need for water extraction.  Whether the Agency will be receptive to positive suggestions at a time of budget cuts remains to be seen.

A reply from the Environment Agency is still awaited.

The Shamrock Trust is registered with the Charity Commission. Our charity number is 1136535.

I can now tell you "The Shamrock Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered charity number  1136535, incorporated in England number 7217476".

It was very simple in the first few weeks but it continues to grow.

On the 20th November 2009, many of us awoke to news of the massive flooding in Cockermouth and Workington, and the developing stories and tragic loss of life there.  But as these events were extensively reported, many of us were much less aware of another story that was happening on Windermere.  Following the torrential rain, lake levels rose to an unprecedented level measured at 9’ 7” above the weir at Newby Bridge.  For any boats inside boathouses, this was a potential disaster – and this proved to be the case for one of our beloved steam launches: “Shamrock”.

More news about the flooding in Cumbria can be found on the BBC News website.