Shamrock's Events

During 2015, 6 private steamings were undertaken and as usual the experience was appreciated by all on board in spite of the weather at times.



On Midsummer's Day 2015 Shamrock cruised from Wray to Fellfoot and back.

The Gentlemen travelled South


The Swan family came to have a look

And the Ladies travelled North



During 2014 Shamrock has undertaken several Private Steamings and an enjoyable time was had by all. Below is a selection of photographs taken during those outings.

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This year Shamrock took full part in the Windermere Lay-Up Supper and a good time was had by all crew and guests on board the weather proving friendly for once.

Pictures by Françoise Tilley.

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As the Steamboat Museum is now temporarily shut and did not participate this year in Heritage Open Day Shamrock joined with Wray Castle and took part in Heritage Open Day at Wray Castle Boathouse. It was a pleasant day and Shamrock was admired and photographed by numerous people as they arrived and departed by the ferry and the display outside of the boathouse attracted a number of people as they passed.

Also on display outside the boathouse was a display on steamboats in the north west which included Steam Tug Kerne, The Daniel Adamson and of course Gondola as well as information about the Steamboat Museum.

Although there was a lot of interest from the ferry quayside not that many people actually did visit Shamrock on her mooring but even so Shamrock made four outings with visitors on board and it can be said that those who did come on boards were extremely interested in the launch herself and very enthusiastic, one couple sending a very nice letter of thanks via the website thanking us for a very enjoyable trip and saying what a wonderful job we were doing.

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Shamrock herself along with Roger Mallinson has taken part many times in the Windermere Boat Parade in the past but this year she took part in it for the very first time under the Trust. In spite of the weather Shamrock turned out with her brasses gleaming and an enjoyable time was had by all on board.

Again this year this was a very successful rally and again the weather held out for us although not as good as in previous years. Unfortunately though poor Roger M was only able to join us on a couple of days due to bad health but I am pleased to say that he is now much improved.

As usual one of the main highlights was the visit to Langdale Chase Hotel followed by the visit to Belle Isle where we moored alongside the jetties back of Belle Isle when for the only day of the year when visitors are allowed to land and go on Belle Isle.

The other main event of the rally is of course the night steam with the visiting choir on board Shamrock. A very pleasant evening was had by all on a cold but dry clear night.

This year another highlight of the rally was the arrival of the ‘Bentleys’ on the Friday. These old cars plus of course their occupants arrived in the morning and while the cars were on display at Wray Castle the occupants enjoyed a steam on the Lake on Shamrock.


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A new and what turned out a very successful venture for the Friends of Shamrock, a cleaning day followed by a steam. On the 10th 9 Trustees and Friends of Shamrock turned out to give Shamrock a thorough spring clean. Not only were the decks, brass and windows attacked but also the outside of the hull, the bilges and even the tool storage under the seats! Even the boathouse had a tidy up.

The result, a very gleaming boat; pity we did not think to do it before the boiler inspection. Never mind we will get our act together next year.

This was followed the next day by a very pleasant days steaming which was enjoyed by all with plenty of cake.

A venture very worthwhile repeating next year but before the boiler inspection next  time.


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During 2013 Shamrock has undertaken 5 Private Steamings and an enjoyable time was had by all. Below is a selection of photographs taken during those outings.

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Steamboat Museum Heritage Weekend 14th September 2013

Shamrock was a key attraction at the Steamboat Museum's Heritage Weekend held at and around the Museum. Shamrock was open for trips out on the lake.

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Victorian Weekend 16/17/18th August 2013

On the 16/17/18th of August Wray Castle again held their Victorian Weekend and again we had a very successful weekend with a good number of people including a family of 9 enjoying a trip out on Shamrock. The weekend culminated again as last year with a trip for the Castle staff and this year we did manage to get out on the Lake.

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The Queen visits the Lake District 17th July 2013

On 17th July 2013 Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal Highness Princess Anne visited the Lake District.

They travelled from Bowness Bay to Brockholes on Teal and Shamrock participated in the convoy that followed her up the Lake.

As with the Olympic Torch last year it was a bumpy and rough ride for Shamrock but the event was enjoyed by all on board although both the Queen and Anne were just mere dots but fortunately they were wearing bright colours.

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Windermere Model Boat Club’s Annual Regatta 6th July 2013

This year Shamrock attended The Windermere Model Boat Club’s Annual Regatta on Saturday the 6th of July. Unfortunately not many visitors managed a trip out but at the end of the day a steam was enjoyed by some of the Model Boat Club members.

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Pupils from Victoria Primary School, Barrow, enjoyed going for a steam on Shamrock while on a visit to the Windermere Steamboat Museum.

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Shamrock has lent her assistance in helping the Steamboat Museum with its promotional events where she has not only been on display for all to see but has given both the Trustees of the museum and prospective donors a chance to experience what the museum is aiming to achieve by offering not only visual perspectives but also the experience of travel.

Shamrock participated in the Steam Boat Museum's Heritage Open Day in August 2012 when Shamrock was not only on visual display but undertook a number of steamings round Belle Isle (the museum's old trip route) for various visitors. The highlight of this trip was the very exited 10 year old boy actually steering Shamrock by the front wheel.

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Another main event for Shamrock in 2012 was the Victorian Weekend at Wray Castle which we were asked to participate in (despite Shamrock being Edwardian).

The whole of the event was, for both The National Trust, the Castle and for Shamrock a resounding success. The Friday saw Shamrock on display in steam and provided a number of people with the experience of a trip on her around Low and High Wray. Unfortunately due to the Classic Motorboat Club Rally picnic at Wray on the Saturday and the weather on the Sunday it was not possibly to display Shamrock in steam on those two days.

The event at Wray Castle culminated in a tea party on board Shamrock for the National Trust staff from Wray Castle and the members of the Shamrock Trust who had helped during the weekend. Unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to steam Shamrock around the lake.

On a very wet, dull and cold evening in June, Shamrock was part of the flotilla that escorted Tern from Wateredge to Bowness as she carried the Olympic Torch down Windermere.

Braving the weather Trustees and Friends of Shamrock thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all agreed that it was a memorable occasion although 'Queen Victoria' was not amused by the weather.

Many thanks to Roger Mallinson for his expert guidance of Shamrock through the medley of boats that formed the large flotilla in-spite of the weather.

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